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About Us

Pure Solutions Family Services, Inc. was created to offer a unified system of mental health care for clients in a currently fragmented system. Pure Solutions is a California post adoption wraparound services provider, with an emphasis on serving rural and otherwise underserved populations in several counties. We also provide psychiatric medication support and management, psychotherapy and case management to community members outside of our post adoption service contracts.


Our team uses a multi-disciplinary approach to look at client’s struggling with mental health, social, educational, and other symptoms from multiple angles, in order to offer a holistic approach to their healing.


Wraparound services decrease the following costly and detrimental issues: substance abuse, involvement with law enforcement, residential treatment, education; expulsion, placement in special programs and drop out, teen pregnancy, divorce (adoptive parents), suicide, long term reliance on government support, etc..


Customized and collaborative psychiatric medical and mental/behavioral health services for individuals also reduce the above and many more societal issue’s. Pure Solutions providers are not only trauma informed but also trauma responsive. We look at the “big picture”; considering how past trauma and current family dynamics and isolation are impacting our clients. This has always been a needed service orientation and has become even more apparent following the effects of the Covid pandemic. 

California has some of the best systems of care available to youth, families and individuals. Our systems of care are fragmented and often do not have well developed and coordinated communication with one another. This fragmentation is a natural outcome of our societal separation that is necessary for us to function.


Schools, medical practice, psychotherapy and alternative healing modalities all have their own lanes. When we merge, we can really create transformative healing for people. Pure Solutions has created a different system of care that makes the old model obsolete.


Working collaboratively within our agency and with our community partner providers, we can offer the best possible certainty that we will figure out what will best serve our clients particular needs. There are no cookie cutters at our agency, this is not a “one size fits all” model of care. Our client’s family constellation were not produced in a factory and we are not offering a pre-packaged service for our client’s family to make fit into their unique and individual historical trauma and current life conditions.


We offer only one promise to all of our clients: we have the knowledge, resources and expertise to look at your presenting concerns from a multitude of angles and that is really where the magic of healing takes place.

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