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Why Our Cause Matters

There is an abundant amount of information, programs, and avenues to take in today’s world when it comes to healing and creating a life that feels joyful. How is Pure Solutions different from other programs and resources?

Pure Solutions is different because we take a holistic approach when looking at and healing trauma. We do not have a cookie cutter way of doing anything and we do not believe that “one size fits all” - we know that there are a multitude of angels that need to be addressed in order for healing to actually occur, and that is why the care we offer is so specific and unique to each individual. Our team uses a multi-disciplinary approach to look at client’s struggling with mental health, socially, educationally, physically, and any other symptoms or presenting struggles. It is an extremely comprehensive approach. Healing is complex and each and every issue deserves recognition and its own course of action. Schools, medical practice, psychotherapy and alternative healing modalities all have their own lanes. When we merge these lanes, we can really create transformative healing. Our company is solution oriented and knows problem solving often requires creativity. We are not afraid to outsource and create unique solutions for any of the needs our clients have.

We serve youth and families receiving wraparound services, as well as other individuals and members of the community in need of therapy and other services and resources we offer. All of our providers are trauma informed, responsive, and bring unique and varied approaches to the therapeutic table. Here at Pure Solutions, we believe all individuals have an innate propensity to live a balanced and joyful life. Pure Solutions acts as a lighthouse for restoring natural rhythms within the family. We believe that mastery over our inner world gives us the capacity to create our outer world via the pathway of authenticity, connection and uplifting relationships.

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