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Meet Our Staff

Pure Solutions Family Services is a holistic, ecological, and love based wraparound service. We are trauma informed, strength based, and a family driven service. Pure Solutions has been known as what you can call, transformative care. As part of getting to know Pure Solutions, our goals and what we are all about, we want to introduce our staff. The Pure Solutions family who helps make the whole operation possible.

I sent some questions that I thought people may like to know about our team members and these are the answers straight from Brianne McCain herself.

  • What is your job title? And What do you do for our company, Pure Solutions Family Services?

Brianne McCain is our administrative coordinator. Bri is the organizer and planner of our team. She helps us by responding to emails and sending out reminders to our team. She does the staffs payroll, which includes our reimbursements, Respite and Timecard hours for the whole team. She is responsible for multiple calendars to be able to coordinate unique events. Such as the staff retreat that our team recently went on. As well as coordinating training and daily schedules for the youth enrolled in our services. She is also responsible for coordinating the staff’s time off and vacations. Bri is responsible for making orders for the company and shopping in stores or online when needed. Working directly with clients, spending quality time with them, and building up their relationships. Brianne does respite work with clients which means she stays with clients, or they stay with her when necessary. As well as problem solving, creating and or uploading documents into Teams. Working on and scheduling events in the Teams calendar. Recording all of the receipts from Amber (our founder) and uploading them into accounting.

  • Why did you choose to work in this field?

Her reason for choosing to work in this field is for the simple reason that it is all about the well-being of these kids. She loves giving them the support they deserve as well as an opportunity to become successful. Brianne wants to make a positive difference in the world and in people's lives. These kids' needs do not go unseen in this field, we address all the problems and find ways to help solve them. She worked for IHSS taking care of elderly or developmentally challenged people. Brianne loves working with people, since she was sixteen years old, she has worked with children. She believes kids should be given a voice, a chance to be heard and seen.

  • What drew you to this job at Pure Solutions?

When asked what drew her to this job Bri said that Amber had asked her to work for her after they had worked together at our former job. She was a family coach with them as well for two and a half years. Brianne loves working with the youth and making a positive difference in their lives. She feels the payoff is seeing success stories in this program and watching children and their families change for the better. Brianne had already built up a trusted bond with Amber and had faith in her starting up this business on her own. Brianne knew she wanted to be a part of that. Brianne believes in Amber and the purpose of her dream.

  • What keeps you working here?

A big part of what keeps Brianne working with Pure Solutions is having a compassionate boss that is understanding of our life situations accompanied by whatever she can do to help, she has learned that this is something that is rare to find in most workplaces. Bri feels extremely grateful for this. She appreciates the people she works for and the people she works with. Brianne feels that there is a lot of mutual respect in our team. She says, “they show up for work every day no matter how stressed and toxic the situation may be, and yet they continue to work with people to help them.” Brianne also says that what keeps her working here is the look on her clients' faces, when she listens to these kids and young adults after they have endured trauma and finally feel heard. Seeing the changes in the kids and their families keeps her here. Their success stories make every single minute worth it.

  • How would you describe the boss’s leadership style? How long have you known Amber?

Brianne has known Amber for about 4 years. I also asked Brianne to describe the boss's leadership style; she said Amber is fair in all areas and she tries to accommodate all of our needs. She says Amber is there for us when we need help as well as advice, work or personal, and does her best to assist us. Amber, as a boss, is very patient and truly wants the best for the families we work with and each one of the members of her team. She shows understanding when teaching a new skill to her employees and even more patience when doing so. She is honest, trustworthy and can admit when she is wrong as well as make it right. Amber can take on any situation and any person with all the confidence she has. Brianne says our boss Amber has what she would describe as “go mode” she sees any task and accomplishes it. Brianne does not know if it's because she Is a nurturing mother or she was born with this level of care and concern that makes her an extremely caring boss.

  • Use one word to describe her

If Brianne could only use one word to describe Amber that word would have to be driven.

  • How would you describe yourself?

Brianne would describe herself as a hardworking employee, a good mother and dedicated wife. She would also describe herself as an animal person and has many, but if she had to pick a favorite animal it would definitely be dogs. She would call herself a spiritual, compassionate, loving and kind person. Brianne goes out her way for others she cares about. She feels she has gone through more than some would in two lifetimes combined. This has made her someone who came out the other side resilient, more knowledgeable and more understanding for others. Her struggles made her feel stronger and more powerful. Brianne finds pride in her family as well as her accomplishments in life and at work. She has found listening to be a very powerful tool and is something she tries to do more often than speaking. She has also learned that trying to achieve perfection can be impossible. Bri does not feel that it is about perfection or that there even is such a thing as practice makes perfection. Her motto is practice makes progress, and that progress makes it all worth it.

  • What motivates you?

Something that is a big motivator in Brianne life is her family. Every day she gets to wake up to her family and spend quality time with them. She treasures every moment they get together. Her love for her family is unconditional for each and every one of them and it is something that helps Brianne get through her day. Brianne tries to be there for them every chance she gets. Making a difference in people's lives is a driving force in her own life. Knowing that she can make a difference in someone's life through her job or personal life is a huge motivation for her as well as something that makes her feel proud of herself and the work she does.

  • What are you passionate about?

She says her zeal, her pursuit of happiness in life is just being alive, helping others and her love for her family. Bri feels that her zeal for life is also experiencing the beauty of the world around her. Brianne is super passionate about her family, her spirituality and her career. She is extremely passionate about this job; she believes in Amber’s vision for this company and Brianne joined Amber the day after she started this company. She has faith in Amber and Ambers passion for pure solutions as well as the general future of Pure Solutions.

  • For what in your life do you feel most grateful?

Things in Brianne life she is most grateful would definitely have to start with her family and her faith. She feels as if these things have saved her in many ways. Brianne feels grateful for her animals. She is grateful for every day she gets here on earth; she feels extremely fortunate for her life. Having her family makes every day feel more blessed. Brianne is also very grateful for her mom and dad who have stood by her all of her life even through the rough bits.

  • What are some of your greatest strengths?

When asked, Brianne would have to describe some of her greatest strengths as having love, being an honest and empathetic person, having forgiveness and understanding of people. Being knowledgeable, hardworking, loyal, trusting, compassionate, and nurturing. She shows tenderness when she senses people need it. Bri shows lots of love for her family and clients. She feels she is a perseverant person, who is a fighter and can do whatever is asked of her. Brianne would also describe some of her other greatest strengths as being a good listener, a survivor and someone people could confide in. Understanding and empathy towards others has become second nature to Brianne due to the trauma endured, these qualities make her a perfect fit for Pure Solutions.

  • What are your goals for the future?

Future goals for Brianne's professional life are moving up in our company and helping it grow. She wants to have personal growth alongside our company. For her future goals of her personal life, she wants her family to live comfortably and not struggle. Purchase a new car and own a house. Once she has achieved these goals and feels ready, she would love to adopt and continue helping kids in need.

  • How do you handle stress?

A couple ways Brianne handles stress would usually start with venting to her husband or sister. Using breathing techniques is something that she has found to be a useful tool to help her de-stress. If it is a super stressful situation lying down can really help. As well as enjoying a long bubble bath. Brianne has found taking a walk can help her clear her mind and calm down. Sometimes even a little retail therapy helps Bri feel calm.

  • What is your greatest accomplishment?

When asked what her greatest accomplishment is, she said that it is an easy one to answer. Her greatest accomplishment would be her children, becoming a mother. She feels as if her kids are the very air she breathes, her lifeforce. The hardest things in her life have been easy to endure because she has her kids and family as a support system. Bri would describe her husband, Ed, as her other half. Her absolute right-hand man who helps her with all of her decisions. Being married and remaining married has been an accomplishment. Her marriage and husband have made Brianne feel like a stronger person. It has taught her not to give up and continue to fight for what she believes in.

  • How would you define success?

Bri would describe success, true success as finding happiness in your life. Success is found within. Having a job, you enjoy can make you feel successful. If you have a spouse and or kids and they are happy then you are more successful than you may realize. If you can work a job you like and spend time with your family, that is successful. She believes success does not always mean you need to be making a lot of money to be successful. Materialism can bring stress and money cannot buy you happiness. Brianne thinks as long as you are making enough money to pay your bills and provide for yourself, if you are doing your best that is what she would define as success. Pure Solution Family Services is an organization who is dedicated to hiring the best people to help families in need. Whatever that need may be. Pure Solutions is a wraparound service centered in helping families and youths. Here at Pure Solutions we are also a family ourselves. Our team cares for each other on a deep level. We provide solutions, understanding, compassion from a team of people hand picked to help you.

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