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  • Amber Bedell


Amber Bedell is the founder and clinical director at Pure Solution Family Services, Inc.

Ms. Bedell has been in the non-profit and mental health field for over 18 years and has co-founded non-profit agencies throughout the state of California. She is an industry leader in the field of holistic therapeutic services for survivors of trauma, has specialized training in attachment, and has successfully assisted in the healing process for adoptive placements.

Amber holds special trainings in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Attachment Focused Family Therapy, and other holistic trainings such as EFT Tapping, Reiki, and Trauma Responsive Care.

Ms. Bedell holds a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in psychology from Humboldt State University, which provided her with the foundational knowledge necessary to grow her acumen as an industry leader in her field. A formerly Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Ms. Bedell has combined her training in traditional psychotherapy, emerging neuro-scientific research, attachment theory, quantum physics and epigenetics to create a transformative theory and practice for healing trauma.

Ms. Bedell has worked with thousands of individuals and families on a variety of personal development needs, including severe crisis interventions, achieving massive success. With a holistic approach, Ms. Bedell utilizes a variety of theoretical orientations and has a powerful intuitive approach that she is able to teach her clients to use their own inner guidance system for their ongoing daily life management.

Colleagues of Amber Rose Bedell recognize that she is a professional who is extremely passionate about her field, consistently contributing to conversations driving the streamlining of best practices to support clients and staff. Those who have worked with her speak to the fact that she is remains a student of psychology and therapeutic services, utilizing her experience and education in various foundational theories to ensure that her clients have all of the tools necessary to achieve their personal versions of success.

Ms. Bedell is also a proponent of investing in others to help them achieve their goals within the industry, and she acknowledges that much of the success of her organization is due to the fact that her multi-disciplinary team is supported throughout their endeavors. Clients maintain that Ms. Bedell upholds a people-first approach within her clinical environments where she acknowledges the importance of empathy, compassion, grace and patience.

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